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Perimeter Security
A vital component in any camp, Tri-Med is a regular supplier of components required to establish a secure perimeter.
Tri-Med supplies fencing systems, fence elements including poles and uprights, razor and barbed wire, fence electrification systems, bollards, barrier gates and vehicle access control to DOT K12, stingers and tiger teeth, gabions, turnstiles and pedestrian access control, id card systems, biometric access control, RFID tagging systems, intrusion detection equipment, barrier sensors, cctv and ir systems, flood lighting and many advanced electronic detection systems.
Hesco Bastion Sony APCOA TyMetal
In addition, we supply goods from all other major perimeter security equipment manufacturers, including :
Sidewalk, FutureWedge, Aegis II, Powermatic, Southwestern Wire, OmniTrax, XField, Perimitrax, Flare and many others.
For all your perimeter security requirements, contact Tri-Med.
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