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Social Accountability Policy
Tri-Med is committed to demonstrating best social practice in our own company and encouraging similar practice among our many suppliers, which are contracted to produce our various products. Our company recognizes the importance of, and thus promotes, health and safety for workers and appropriate compensation, while prohibiting the use of child labor, forced labor, discrimination, or inappropriate discriminatory practices.
In order to implement this commitment, we have set a corporate standard which we consistently apply to ourselves and expect from all our suppliers.
Key aspects of this standard are :
» Tri-Med will not condone use of child labour in the production of any of its products, either by the supplier or any of the supplier’s subcontractors
» Tri-Med will not condone the use of forced labor. All employees in the production facilities of contracted manufacturers or suppliers must be employed voluntarily
» Tri-Med requires our contract manufacturers and suppliers to provide a safe and healthy working environment and take adequate steps to prevent accidents and injury to health by minimizing hazards in the work environment
» Tri-Med requires that our contract manufacturers and suppliers respect the right of all personnel to form and join trade unions of their choice and to bargain collectively. Furthermore, these companies must ensure that representatives of such personnel are not the subject of discrimination and that such representatives have access to their members in the workplace
» Tri-Med will not condone the use of physical abuse, mental or physical coercion, and verbal abuse as disciplinary practices
» Tri-Med requires that our contract manufacturers and suppliers limit normal working hours to less than 48 hours per week. In the event that workers work overtime, this shall be appropriately compensated
» Tri-Med requires that all our suppliers define their own social accountability policies, which shall serve to guide their day-to-day practice.
In order to ensure that our numerous contract manufacturers comply with these aspects of the Tri-Med Social Accountability Standard, Tri-Med’s staff works directly with the suppliers to assess conditions in their factories. Those suppliers who comply fully are given preference when purchasing decisions are made.
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